Samsung Pay Coming Soon to Non-Galaxy Phones

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When it comes to NFC Services, Apple Pay is only compatible with iOS devices andAndroid Pay has the advantage of being compatible with a huge range of Android devices as…


Microsoft Announces the Azure Information Protection

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Microsoft Azure Information Protection, or AIP, is a new service that serves Microsoft’s goal to continue to innovate and further expand their already comprehensive information protection capabilities. The new approach…


Barclays is Launching Android Pay Rival

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Barclays’ service allows customers to use their “wave and pay” feature in shops, restaurants and transport networks (in London). It has been upgraded its Android app to let UK customers…


Moneymailme is Joining the World’s Leading Fintech Companies at Moneyconf

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Moneymailme, which is now part ok UK’s fastest growing industry – fintech – will participate at MoneyConf in Madrid (Spain), the event of the year where the world’s biggest banks…


Fintech Summary for May 2016: Fintech is Still Disrupting Traditional Banks

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We’ve prepared a short list of important aspects in the fintech area during May. 


5 Money Saving Tips for the Month of June

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Who said that money saving conditions are constant? In order to be able to actually put something away you have to predict certain events in your life and the best…