Hitachi and its Newly Estabilished Fintech Innovation Blockchain

Hitachi recently release a press statement telling us about its plans to establish a Financial Innovation Laboratory.

The lab will function as a Fintech research organization in Hitachi’s Global Center for Social Innovation at Silicon Valley, California.

In the press release that announced the new fintech fintech laboratory, Hitachi also revealed that new organization will work together with the company’s Center of Social Innovation in North America (CSI-NA) in the areas of research and development of blockchain technology.

Having as the “core technology” of Fintech the distributed ledger technology, the new settlement will look to set upon “collaborative creation” with existing financial institutions.

An excerpt from the release read:

“By establishing the Financial Innovation Laboratory in the Silicon Valley, Hitachi will accelerate research & development of blockchain technology, collaborative creation with customers, and development of solutions to support business innovation in financial institutions.”