Sooperfly’s New Direction is Focussing on Personal Finance

The new partnership between the Mumbai-based media startup Sooperfly and the former Bloomberg India editor Vivek Law will result in the creation of Investonomix, a fintech digital media platform focussing on personal finance.

The aim of Investonomix is to demystify the world of personal finance, according to Roopak Saluja, founder of Sooperfly. At the outset, it will focus on urban India with plans to expand further. By the end of 2016, the platform will seat personal finance offerings from most parts of India.

“Vivek will lead the content creation, while we will focus on the distribution network,” Saluja said. “We are focusing on a 100 million-plus audience in the millennial age group, out of which 5 million will be interested in personal finance, but there’s a huge gap in the space of disseminating financial information in an easy-to-understand manner.”