MWC 2016 – Best in Show

By February 25, 2016Events

The Mobile World Congress 2016 gathered people from all-over the world interested in the latest technologies and gadgets. If you are a tech fanatic, Barcelona is the place to be.

Close to 100,000 people are visiting the 2,200 booths installed at MWC this year. Filled with mobiles, headsets, wearables and apps, it’s the Mecca of latest tech trends. If you want the best in show, you’re in luck because we’ve carefully picked what was the most impressive out of them all.

LG G5 and its ‘minions’


Remember Google’s Ara a few years ago? It’s been called crazy, it’s been called impossible but now, we can call it LG G5.

Yes, not only the modular phone concept is possible, it’s almost hitting the shelves under the name of LG G5.

Adding extensions and switching parts is not a rocket science, anyone can do it, and by this, we can easily understand that this will soon become a trend. You can have multiple additions, generating a better sound and better camera for now. Counting the standalone 360 VR Cam and headset plus the Rolling Bot and you’ve got something much greater than a smartphone.

You thought smartphone innovations are going at a slow pace? Well LG just hit the gas, heading full-speed for the future.