Saving Money is a Piece of Cake

In our time and age, saving money is just as important as earning it. Need some useful tips? We’ve gathered the ones that seem to be the easiest and most effective.

1. Create the “Money Date”

It’s exactly what it sounds, a day when you sit down, with your money. Make plans, track your progress etc.

2. Plan your meals

Planning your meals in advance is really helpful since eating out is the no. 1 expense for most households. A grocery-shop visit will help a lot!

3. Make coffee at home

I love coffee, I love enjoying a good cup of coffee at my favorite shop. However, spending 4, 5$ everyday on coffee doesn’t help your budget. My approach is going to the coffee shops for 2 or 3 days every week and making it at home for the rest.

4. Wait 48 hours before clicking “Buy”

Having the button and the ease of buying anything with just a click will increase the chance of impulsive buying. The best solution is to simply wait 48 hours before you click buy for things that you might do not specifically require. If you really want that object or service, you will still be sure to buy it 48 hours later, you’ll just make sure you really want it and it’s not just a momentary thing.

5. Outsource online

You just saw a great pen and want to buy it? Maybe you should check online and see what the offers are. Most likely, you will find a retailer that sells it for a lot less. It’s definitely worth the time.

6. Quality over quantity

Buying a 20$ toaster might seem a bargain and might justify it over an 100$ toaster that does the same thing. However, if the 20$ toaster gets ‘roasted’ after its guarantee expires, the 100$ one might still keep it going. Keep in mind the cost-per-wear for clothing and shoes.