Fintech Predictions for 2016

By February 26, 2016News

Last year was a great time for fintech startups. Can you guess what was one of the buzzwords in finance for 2015? Our guess is you’re right, it’s “fintech”.

The top four perdictions for 2016 float around the trends that were set back a few years ago. The best guesses:

1. Investments will surface around a few big players.

Capital investments will get more discerning and be available for the big players. A research paper and a good idea will not attract the same attention this year. This doesn’t mean investments will not be available, they will, but just for the selected few.

2. A big tech company will make a move into finance

We can’t tell who or when, but 2016 is certainly the year to do this move. Fintech is growing and so are tech companies looking to grow. Most likely, a big company will make its move into this fast moving sector.

3. Partner with or lose ground

For big banks, the choice is clear: either be a part of fintech, either lose ground. While millennials represent the largest generation in America, they would often choose to deal with the dentist rather than their bank. This is a warning sign for big banks.