A New Collaboration for International Money Transfers: M-Pesa and TransferTo

By February 29, 2016News

Vodafone Group will enable real-time international money transfers to M-Pesa accounts worldwide after partnering in a framework agreement with the global money provider TransferTo.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the Vodafone Group to enable more people to benefit from mobile money services,” Eric Barbier, CEO of TransferTo, said in a statement. “Mobile money has the power to drive greater financial inclusion globally, transforming the lives of the two billion people who are currently unbanked today. By making it faster and easier for consumers to send money to multiple M-Pesa accounts, we are giving M-Pesa users greater freedom to spend and receive money, while accelerating the growth of mobile money accounts worldwide.”

The global partnership is intended to make it faster and easier for consumers and organizations to send money to multiple M-Pesa accounts in real time, the companies said in a press release.