Fintech Global Finance Impact

By February 29, 2016News

Remember when e-commerce was the thing? That had a major impact on how we live our everyday lives. Now with fintech gathering all the attention we can assume we are facing a new game-changing thing.

2015 was indeed the year of fintech. With major investments and players getting a lot of momentum, we’ve seen many successful stories for some bold visions.

Regardless of the environment, all fintech companies are trying to do basically the same thing, which is trading some kind of value (money, stocks etc.) between individuals which makes them basically a trusted middle man in transactions. You can see where we’re heading. The fintech crowd is not trying to change the financial system, it’s creating a new system altogether.

From many fintech inventions, the blockchain is by far the head of the movement. Having big financial companies investing a lot of money into developing technologies that will envelop this in their system, we’re guessing this will remain one of the biggest achievements of the fintech revolution.

Customers in our age seek the best intermediate for transactions, looking for fully digital, clear trades. Fintech is here to offer that and we think it’s the natural step.