Time Management Tips

How much time is there in a day to do all your deeds? Enough. Enough if you know how to use your time. Find out the best time saving tips.

Find out where your time goes

Take one week to do everything just as usual and then analyze and see what took you how much.

Plan ahead

Quietly sit down on sunday for 25-30 minutes to plan out your whole week in advance. Track your projects and current tasks and see what can be done when.


When tracking your on-going projects, make sure to rank them accordingly. This way, your are certain that you will do the most important things at the right time.

Block time on your calendar

Schedule the most important tasks and then block time the medium or low priority tasks. This way, when you have lesser time on the later ones, you can ask for extra time or work longer hours.

Cut-down e-mail checking times

Have three e-mail checking times, for example at the beginning of the day, after lunch break and at the end of the day. Avoid checking e-mails at any other time since it can be a really bad way to lose time.