Tipalti Selected by Airpush, sovr, and Vungle for Payment Automation

The provider of the supplier payments automation platform, Tipalti, has been selected by cutting-edge digital media networks Airpush, sovrn, and Vungle to automate their global publisher payment processes.

These companies need of a publisher payment experience meant attracting and retaining quality publishers while also eliminating extra payment complexity. Tipalti enabled them the capacity to offer a much greater payment option and real-time payment visibility.

In the case of sovr, Tipalti is helping through automatization in the handling publisher onboarding, remitting payments, fixing payment issues, communicating payment status, reconciliation reporting, and risk management.

We’re starting to see a trend where digital media and advertising networks are adopting Tipalti’s cloud payment automation platform to streamline the entire publisher payments operation. This ensures a safe and easy way to pay their global publisher partners with minimal effort while upgrading the payment experience and strengthening tax, risk, financial and regulatory compliance safeguards.