Google discontinues use of Wallet physical debit cards

Google is getting rid of the physical debit card linked to its Wallet payment service. In their latest blog post, they talk about how they plan to focus on the actual Wallet app by adding new features and making sending and receiving money a lot easier.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that we’ll no longer support the Wallet Card as of June 30. Moving forward, we want to focus on making it easier than ever to send and receive money with the Google Wallet app.

Google will be partenering with American Express and Simple for clients that still want to use this kind of service.

If you’re interested in finding a replacement for your Wallet Card, both American Express and Simple offer accounts with similar features, including a card. Plus, we’ve teamed up with them so that Wallet Card users will get an added bonus after signing up.

The Wallet Card will be retired on June 30, 2016 but users will no longer be able to add money to their Wallet Balance after the 1st of May. While any Wallet Card transactions after June 30 will not be processed, any pending transaction made before that date will still post to the users’ accounts.

In order to make any automatic payments after the specified date, users will need to update their payment method before June 30, 2016. Afterwards, automatic payments from the Wallet Card will not go through.