Redefining Contactless: ‘Tattoo’ Payments

We know how less and less contact is needed in order to get through the day –  usually, that’s because almost everything that you could need for that has now been compressed into your smartphone or smartwatch. But what if you could discard those, too?

MC10, a healthcare technology startup, wants us to soon be able to attach ultra-thin tattoo-like stickers in order to make contactless payments with our bodies.
The sticker is called WiSP (Wearable Interactive Stamp Platform) and it is a breathable, waterproof stamp that uses NFC technology that tears when removed (making stored information unreadable), and right now it can be used in medical environments, despite hopes to move it beyond the healthcare world.

One of the brands that uses it already is L’Oréal. The huge cosmetics and beauty company has opted for using this type of technology to measure individual UV exposure. Now, MC10 has enlisted PCH to find brands in other arenas, since it could be used in a lot of fields such as hotel room access, event registration and interactive experiences at amusement parks, sporting and music events.

Scott Pomerantz, CEO, MC10, says: “PCH’s experience working with leading consumer brands, and their ability to commercialize the technology, will accelerate development of new applications within a variety of industries for skin-worn wearables.”

Contactless payments stickers have been designed along the years, but such a sleek version has never been made. Until now, they have been rather clunky and designed for attachment to phones rather than skin.