5 Money Saving Tips for the Month of June

Who said that money saving conditions are constant? In order to be able to actually put something away you have to predict certain events in your life and the best way you can do that is by paying attention the time of the year.

Just like how December means spending a lot of money on presents and preparations, other months have their costs and budgeting opportunities, too.

June is the first summer month, too early to go on vacation but too late into the summer not to regret every second that you spend trapped at the office and not outside enjoying the nice weather. You can at least save some money… Check below to see exactly how:

1. Consider planning your vacation already. By thinking ahead of time for July or August, you can save a lot of money on things like plane tickets and hotel reservations. And that is not all. By planning so early, you will have the time to pay attention to special details. One of them is becoming an “exchange expert” for the place you are visiting. By knowing exactly what the exchange rate is, you’ll be able to understand the value of different objects and not spend mindlessly. Another thing you can do is create a daily allowance for when you are already on vacation. Find out what the prices are for eating, shopping or other different activities and set an amount for each day.

2. Try some outdoor or at-home workout routines instead of going to the gym. You know, for getting your body ready for the vacation you are already planning. Even if it’s already hot outside, try going for a jog early in the morning or at night. If that is not enough for you, you can try this 30-minute outdoor workout provided by Fitness Magazine. Not the outdoorsy type? That’s alright. Did you know that you can find thousands of workout routine videos on Youtube? Just type that in the search bar and you’ll never want to pay for a gym membership again.

3. Anticipate Father’s Day: With Father’s Day on the 19th of June, it can be easy to save some money if you plan everything ahead of time. If you want to buy somthing for your father, try going for tool sales. As stereotipically as it may sound, tools are usually investments that provide a large return in savings. And if your father is not the handy type, you can check out Buzzfeed’s list of DIY Father’s Day Gifts that don’t suck. Our favorite one is the geeky Batman notebook.

4. Avoid the Splurge Day wave: This year, June 18 is the date you should not suffer from a bad conscience if you splurge on overprized things. But if saving is your goal, you need to restrain the need to throw money around. If you really want to buy something expensive, the best option is to buy durable stuff that you are going to use for many years. This includes, for example, major home improvements or, why not, something permanent lika a tattoo you always wanted. The idea is that it is okay to spend a lot of money if the investition will last a lot of time.

5. Try to make wedding gifts instead of buying expensive ones. June is the month of weddings and chances are you are attending at least one. A great way to save money on wedding gifts is by trying to hand-make the gifts or by simply buying less expensive but more meaningful gifts. You can find 14 DIY Wedding Gifts ideas in this article – our favorite one is the personalized coffee stencil from Dust Designers.

So, there you have it. What are you waiting for? Start saving money now.