The Moneymailme Revolution

 More than 250 million people (or 3.4% of the global population) live outside the countries of their birth. Why is this? The main reason is economic hardship and the cost of living. Some people simply want the best for their families and decide to leave their home, seeking financial stability and ways to help the ones they leave behind by sending money back to them (remittances).

Traditionally, there have been only two ways of sending remittances (well, three, if you count the risky and expensive way: hand-carrying cash in your bag and traveling with it back home). In other words, either via banks or MTOs (money transfer operators). This meant that if you wanted to transfer money, you’d have to bear the cost of the commissions, fees, and currency exchange, and you’d have to wait for the bank to process the transfer. These transfers are executed one at a time, and the time it takes to convert currencies and process transfers, waiting time can be painfully long and unpredictable.
Moneymailme steps in
Moneymailme is an app which simply combines basic social interaction like chatting with the revolutionary ability to send and receive available e-money, instantly, almost everywhere in the world. Each time a user accesses her or his mobile phone with an Internet connection, she or he can send or request e-money from their contacts. Within the app, the transfers arrive instantly and have no fees. This user-friendly iOS and Android app is designed to facilitate communication and easy e-money transferring without needing to know a contacts’ bank account number or other transfer details. This is a game-changer.
The only cost that users will ever encounter is when they wish to top-up their accounts or request for cash to be sent to their bank account. But the good news here is that the 2.5% fee is much much lower than what most bank or money transfer operators charge. Otherwise, all transactions between contacts are absolutely free and not limited in terms of how many times you can send or receive e-money. The transfer happens instantaneously within the app: as you enter the desired amount and tap “Send” your contact receives the e-money.
You have nothing to worry about. The app is enabled with two-layer encryption, and the app’s device validation assures that your money is transferred in full safety. You have total control over your account and full privacy.
Foreign currency
Another great feature of Moneymailme—there are three different currencies that you can choose from when sending or receiving e-money, euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), and British Pounds (GBP). The conversion is done instantly and at highly-competitive foreign exchange rates, so this means that even if you have euros in your account, you can instantly and efficiently send dollars or pounds to your contacts. It’s that simple, and all you need is a phone number for sending or receiving e-money in your choice of three currencies.